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Live with Hope | Get HOPE Give HOPE Live with HOPE
  • Got Hope?

    Have you noticed that people everywhere seem to need hope? Hope for your family, your finances, your marriage, your relationships? We all look for hope in different ways.

    Check out the video on the right to move closer to getting hope or click here to find out more ways to get hope. Get Hope
  • Give what you have ...

    If a homeless person asks you for some spare change, and you don’t have any cash or coins … you can’t give them any money. We can only give what we have. What you no longer need could be just what someone else needs (and has been hoping for!).

    Click here to pass hope along to others right now! Give Hope
  • People seem to need hope

    Our hope is that as you get more and more hope in your life, you will become a “Broker of Hope.” You will join a growing number of people that are giving hope to others. There is something we can do to have a better life; there is a way for us to wake up every day with a sense of purpose and joy. If you are interested in knowing more … click here
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Live With Hope …

Live with Hope is an initiative to mobilize young people as Ambassadors of Hope and extend an invitation to every person in the state of Florida to Live with Hope.

What is Hope?

A great definition for hope is, “the feeling you have, that the feeling you have, won’t last forever.” Hope is that feeling that we get that tells us things are going to get better. That tough times won’t last forever. That a breakthrough is just around the corner. Hope is a reminder that there is light at the end of the tunnel. Hope is what keeps us going.


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